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Terms of Service

Individual consulting services as well as concrete support in the initiation of personal contacts between men (clients) looking for a female partner and Brazilian women looking for a male partner.

A free consultation about the intend and the prerequisites for feasibility. The client defines the task and objective. Our photo albums and index data can be consulted in our office or on our website in order to select the suitable female partners.

The contract is concluded with the acknowledgment of the order confirmation and transfer of the processing fee.

a) Initiation of contact
After the female partners for initiating contact have been selected, the client is introduced to the potential female partner by us, using a profile in Portuguese, which provides personal data and photos. An introductory letter from the client may be added.
b) Establishing contact
After the feedback of the potential female partner has been examined by us, translated and provided with useful comments, the client can now use the information to - deepen individual contacts, - invite a lady immediately, - or get to know the ladies personally in Brazil.

Getting to know each other personally.
With the aim of entering into a firm relationship or marriage, the client can now take advantage of the following options in order to get to know the lady (s) better. (The desired service option can be specified when placing the order or afterwards)
Correspondence / telephone contact
If desired, the correspondence / telephone contact with individual women can be continued to make sure whether there are common interests and whether the inner attitude of the other suits you.

Invitation to Europe/USA
Many of our female candidates declare themselves ready to visit Europe/USA to get to know each other for the first time - if we recommend them to. However, there is always a very high level of responsibility associated with such advocacy. We would be happy to recommend the visit if we are convinced of the client overall.
Meeting in Brazil
If the client flies to Brazil to get to know the selected women personally, the basic program essentially includes:
- Transfer from the airport to the hotel / apartment
- Orientation trip around the whereabouts
- Personal meetings by appointment with the ladies
- German/English-speaking support

The client has to bear the costs of his trips and also the travel costs of the people he has invited.​

The place of jurisdiction is Berlin


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